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Because we have experienced healing, growth, and transformation through practice of God’s presence, relational skills, and Immanuel Prayer, we are passionate about bringing that transformation to you. God stands ready to engage with you as a loving Father to bring you relational joy, deep peace, and character transformation.  We are ready to journey with you and the Father on this path.

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The Story Behind “Other Side Living”

Some years ago, I realised that in spite of my best efforts, I was a mess!  Although I’d sought to follow God all my life, my marriage was struggling, my emotions were out of control, depression was a daily fact of life, and I felt very distant from God. One day I heard a man teaching that God designed our brains to operate in joy and peace,  and I was intrigued.  Could this be what I was missing?

Since I’m a person of action, I dove into reading “Living from the Heart Jesus Gave You” from Life Model Works, and quickly followed that with every book they had published, as well as all those they recommended.

This talk of relational joy had my attention!  Relationships with my children consistently brought me joy, so these truths resonated with me.  When I attended Thrive training, I grew my joy capacity and my ability to quiet myself, and Immanuel as “God with Us” became more of a daily reality.  Over time, I began to teach in my local recovery community about relational brain skills, Immanuel Lifestyle (daily awareness of His presence), emotional maturity, and processing pain from the past.

One day I was reading in John 21 about Jesus calling out to Peter, “Cast your nets on the other side of the boat,” (some versions say “right side”) and it hit me that living an Immanuel Lifestyle of listening to Jesus is “Other Side Living,” trusting Him to guide us when our reason and past experience tells us we know best.  Peter had fished all night without a catch and knew there were no fish on the other side, but he listened.  Living from the other side of the boat means we trust that when God said, “It is not good for man to be alone,” He meant that man needed relationship.  When He chose to speak to Abraham and to grow his family, to create tribes in Israel, to walk with 12 men and then send them out 2 by 2, he was saying, “you were created for relationship and you can trust Me even though many relationships have brought you pain.”

Since those days when I saw my unhappy marriage, out of control emotions, and distant relationship with God, my life has been transformed, and because God created us for community, to pass on what matters to us, I am passionate about seeing Immanuel bring that transformation into other lives.

Come join me in living from the other side of the boat!

Amy Brown, 
Director, Other Side Living Ministries

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