Frequently asked questions

What is Other Side Living Ministries?

Other Side Living is the local ministry of Amy Brown, who is the Journey Groups Director of Life Model Works, and a facilitator with Thrive Training.

What is a Journey Group?

A Journey Group is a group of 5-7 people who meet once a week online in a Google Hangouts video meeting to share their journey of transformation into Christ’s image through growth in relational skills, maturity, Immanuel awareness, and other skills mentioned in Thrive relational skills training and Life Model Works materials.

What is Thrive Training?

Thrive Training is the ministry of Chris and Jen Coursey.  Thrive Training builds essential relational skills that even the best families may miss or overlook. Many years of careful research about how the brain is trained, alongside study of God’s way of life, has identified 19 essential skills for joy-filled relationships.

In partnership with Life Model Works, Thrive Training provides hands-on experiences and resources to master these crucial 19 skills. Opportunities include:

  • Joy Rekindled 2-day weekend marriage retreats
  • True Identity  2-3 day workshops for churches and groups
  • Thrive  our 5-day signature training intensive

Amy Brown is a trained facilitator for 2, 3 and 5 day True Identity events.

What is Life Model Works?

Life Model Works — the “Joy People” – an organization that teaches transformation through 3 distinctive features:

  • Learning to recognize and interact with the God who is with us is essential to experiencing a joyful journey through life. Nothing brings joy like an Immanuel-centered relationship! 
  • Relational brain skills provide a full range of life functions for our minds and relationships. Possessing these skills, our emotional capacity increases and our relationships thrive!
  • When multiple generations use their combined attention to amplify whatever is good, lively, praiseworthy and honest, particularly for those who are weak and tired, joy is sustainable.

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