A Crazy Kind of Love

God’s love for us is described by the Hebrew word “chesed” Chesed is similar to the Greek word “agape,” but chesed is agape on steroids! Chesed means a kind of love that is: Steadfast Loyal Active Robust Unrelenting Fierce Strong Vital Kind Merciful Covenant In Chris Coursey’s newest book, Transforming Fellowship,…

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Experiencing Immanuel, by Barbara Moon

For the last few years I’ve been learning how to practice the Presence of Jesus and also I’ve been teaching others this wonderful way to pray and live. In my small groups we do Immanuel Prayer at each meeting, asking Jesus to show us where He is in the room and asking…

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Book: “Brain Skills in The Bible”

Brain Skills in The Bible  Creates Joyful Transformation God has hidden “relational gold” inside you – nuggets of His character designed to shine through your unique identity, transform your relationships, and build a more resilient community. Chris Coursey and I crafted this interactive study for you and your friends to discover these…

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