Book: “Brain Skills in The Bible”

Book: “Brain Skills in The Bible”

Brain Skills in The Bible  Creates Joyful Transformation

God has hidden “relational gold” inside you – nuggets of His character designed to shine through your unique identity, transform your relationships, and build a more resilient community. Chris Coursey and I crafted this interactive study for you and your friends to discover these relational skills for yourselves while traveling from Genesis through Revelation.

Brain Skills in the Bible uses the relational lens found in Scripture combined with skill-building exercises practiced at THRIVE Training to transform your character and deepen your fellowship. It will help you identify and develop the 19 relational brain skills that allow Christ’s character to shine through you.

With Brain Skills in the Bible you will:

  • Develop Christ-like character.
  • Build joy with your small group.
  • Apply Scripture with a new lens.
  • Train your brain to see what God sees.
  • Practice brain skills that build resilience.
  • Discover exciting ways God is at work in your life.
  • Renew your engagement with God and His Word.
  • See how it feels to engage Scripture with your relational brain.
  • Find peace sensing God’s presence in your life and relationships.
  • Deepen your relationships with exercises designed for transformation.
  • Enjoy the flow of reading Scripture with engaging, interactive exercises.

Brain Skills in the Bible looks at the Creation narrative, the Fall, Abraham, Jacob and Esau, Joseph, David, Moses, Jesus, Peter, the Crucifixion, Resurrection, the early church and Revelation using a relational focus that applies to your life and relationships.

Brain Skills in the Bible is the first book in The Transforming Fellowship Bible Study Series.

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