Transform your journey...
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Your transformation into Christ’s image will happen more naturally than
you ever dreamed with Immanuel awareness and relational skills.
There is a path for the Journey, and we can help!

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Journey Groups

Online or local groups that meet to learn and practice relational skills and Immanuel awareness.


Amy Brown is a humorous, down-to-earth speaker with a passion to see transformation spread.


We offer mentorship to help you deepen your transformation into Christ's image, following the Life Model concepts.

Coming soon! Brain Skills in the Bible

Bible Study by Amy H. Brown and Chris M. Coursey

God has hidden “relational gold” inside you – nuggets of His character designed to shine through your unique identity, transform your relationships, and build a more resilient community. Chris Coursey and I crafted this interactive study for you and your friends to discover these relational skills for yourselves while traveling from Genesis through Revelation.